Extended IT Technology provides professional services specializing in designing, building, implementing, supporting, and securing high-availability environments and data communication networks (wired and wireless).

Our staff includes technologist and computer specialists, automation technologists, engineers, architects and systems administrators familiar with the challenges and responsibilities of managing large, multi-platform, mission-critical environments

Our Approach and Benefits

Extended IT Technology's Enterprise IT Consolidation experts assemble an Integrated Product Team (IPT) that includes focuses on achieving project milestones throughout the process and avoiding work disruptions. We assess your businesses current situation to gain a thorough understanding of constraints, such as security regulations, geographical issues, and budget. Based on this assessment,

Extended IT Technology's experts develop a project plan that details incremental changes, plot hardware and software consolidation, outline technology infrastructure connections between multiple locations, consolidate data warehouses for improved data storage, establish a single service desk to handle multiple locations, and unify server and remote desktop management.

Extended IT Technology designs a single enterprise-wide architecture that runs the network backbone in accordance with government-mandated performance guidelines. The changes to the IT infrastructure are seamless, avoiding service interruptions to remain transparent to end users. Because communication throughout the consolidation is essential, we keep the ITP apprised of developments. We keep you updated on our progress, milestones and achievements throughout the consolidation, and as a result:

  •   Deliver better service and quicker response
  •   Limit security holes and detect intrusions
  •   Implement right governance to control your budget
  •   Remain compliant with Federal regulations
  •   Reduce costs