Extended IT Technology System sets the bar for Data Center Management, from the initial design through installation and on-site support. Our team of industry-certified experts have decades of experience in Data Centers. We support co-location and managed services facilities, corporate and government data centers, telecoms and ASPs. We understand the requirements of mission-critical environments, designing your environment from the sys admin requirements up through N+1 capabilities. Vision knows that your mission is critical!

Our cabling division offers a comprehensive range of products and services, which they can deliver on a nationwide basis. From the design of the structured cable system to installation, testing and documentation, Extended IT Technology engineers can provide the services you need for a successful installation. Our capabilities enable us to provide voice/data/video cabling systems transmitting up to 10G to the desktop to data center infrastructure services that include detailed engineering to complete installation build. All of our Data Center projects are delivered in accordance with TIA-942 "Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers."

Extended IT Technology provides end-to-end data center operations to migrate, process, maintain, and meet the information processing needs of our clients. The value of outsourcing data center operations is the capacity, capability, and reliability our services provide to meet business needs. Through remote host operations and onsite models, we provide secure and reliable data center operations to deliver the following functions:

  •   Processing capacity
  •   Hardware and software requirements
  •   Network connectivity
  •   Security systems
  •   Client support services
  •   Technology refreshment
  •   Disaster recovery and contingency planning
  •   SANs and TANs

Our Approach and Benefits

At Extended IT Technology, we recognize that you need to be highly available for your customers, vendors, suppliers and partners. You rely on an infrastructure that can meet your IT needs for an "always on" operation. We can design, build and operate your data centers with the latest technologies, energy efficient equipment and scalable infrastructure solutions tailored to your specific business needs. Our data center management solutions ensure that your system is always protected, enabling you to focus on your business by: Protecting your critical data by integrating data security, backup and recovery strategies that improve efficiencies and reduce upgrade costs Optimizing data center efficiency to realize significant cost savings Incorporating virtualization to consolidate resources and greatly reduce IT costs Ensuring business continuity in the event of a disaster with comprehensive recovery plans